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March 15th, 2013, 12:02 AM
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wow I am surprised you are being told you use donor sperm! Ok I have my husband who is getting a vasectomy reversal so we may have to go through IVF eventually because a lot of the same issues as your DH and my sister's husband makes almost no sperm at all so I have learned a lot about using sperm with IVF. Motility is not a reason to need donor sperm if you are doing IVF! If you are doing IUI than yes maybe you would need donor sperm but with IVF they can take even the worst sperm and inject into the egg and create a healthy embryo. It is calle ICSI. Very very few men can not use their own sperm for ICSI. This costs more than if you would but the sperm in a dish with the egg to self fertilize but it should be worth the extra cost to have your husband's bio child. Please seek a differant doctor for IVF. You are getting some very bad advice I am not a doctor but I have studied a ton about male infertily and also IVF. Using your husband's sperm is much more ideal than using donor because a lot of donor children have negative feelings about being born from a donor when they become a teen or adult. If you have no other choice than donor ok I understand and can respect that but it should most likely be possible to use your husband's sperm so I highly encourage you to get more opinion from other doctors.

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