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March 15th, 2013, 05:33 AM
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So I had my 37/38 week appt yesterday. Really nothing new to report other then BP is awesome but the swelling is extreme. My legs and feet are so huge that my skin is stretching and it's very itchy.
They werenít going to check me but I asked to be checked anyways. I know how to check myself and just wanted to confirm what I already knew.
Between a fingertip dilated and 1 cent dilated (depending on size of finger) and very soft.

I donít think Iím going to have this baby till next week and I guess Iím ok with that. I want her to come about midweek. Like the 20th would be awesome. The 23rd would be even better because that was my great-grandmothers birthday.
My c-section date is the 26th and I just hate the idea of going in for a scheduled date. I guess Iím ok with getting a c-section, donít want to deal with the pain again but I just hate the fact that they could potentially take my baby when she isnít ready to come out.
They (the docs) keep lecturing me that the reason they want to do it at 39 weeks is because they are worried my scar is going to rupture from laboring. Sigh.

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Expecting baby #3 ANOTHER GIRL!!!!!!! woot woot

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