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March 15th, 2013, 07:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Mountain~Mama View Post
What is the most recent thing one of your kids said that made you laugh?
What is something that grosses you out?
What is your favorite part of nature?
Oh my gosh. Christian quoted something from Harry Potter. I startled him and he said, "Granger, I thought you were a Boggart." We both giggled because we are huge Potter nerds.

Nothing much grosses me out.

I love the sky. The morning sunrise-colored sky. There is this shade of blue that isn't visible any other time of day but morning. It's seems that the sky is a miraculous canvas.

Originally Posted by stucklikeglue View Post
How do you find time to work, be a mom and a wife, and find time for spiritual learning?
What's the best advice you have for finding your path and staying focused.
Do you believe in aliens lol
I set the intention to have the time to live my life. And, hokey as it sounds, Spirit provides. Now, sometimes that means less sleep for me... but sleep is a small sacrifice for all the gifts
I've been given.

The best advice for finding your own path? Meditation. The best advice for staying focused? View your path as a practice and commit to it even when you falter. xo

And, yes, I believe in beings from other planets and other dimensions.

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