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March 15th, 2013, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Lady Valkyrie View Post
I might know I'd missed something off the "do you believes" - although aliens might not be all that fitting within a faith/religion questionnaire anyway.

I must say, you make fascinating reading, Terri. Thank you for opening up to us about your path! I knew some, but not all, of your story and it's wonderful to be witness to your blossoming.

Some questions for Friday:

What was the "breakthrough moment" for you on your current path?

What made you decide to convert to Catholicism as a young woman?

Do you and Brian share the same spiritual views?

What's the most valuable lesson your spiritual teacher has taught you?

What has been your favourite moment with each of your kids?

What can you see them deciding to do when they grow up?

And something completely unrelated but I still want to ask it...What was the inspiration behind your lovely FB page?

(and I'm going to post it here in case any of these lovely ladies have not by some chance seen it, if you like spiritual inspirations, it's wonderful).
My breakthrough moment came before I knew I had a gift really. It was when I was feeling lost and facing my 40th birthday having accomplished none of the things I wanted for myself, personally not as a mother, and I realized something is just wrong here! I started praying and meditating with Michael around my life and the direction it was going. A few weeks later, I realized that I am able to channel Spirit.. and off it went from there. Until recently, and I mean within the last few weeks, I thought everyone was like me. Knowing down in their gut what was coming, able to see into the immediate future to anticipate things that were coming, able to empathize with others in the way that I do. I now realize that I have been tapping in my whole life without realizing what I was doing!

I was searching for faith as a young woman. Catholicism is very different than my upbringing. Ritual and quiet homilies felt peaceful and stable which are two things I needed desperately at that time.

Brian and I do not share spiritual views. He is agnostic. We simply respect each other.

My Spiritual Teacher has taught me so many things that the mind reels. She frustrates me at times because she doesn't just give me the answers but the best thing is that she has taught me to seek my own inner guidance, to believe in myself and to love without judgment. She makes me work for my path. LOL.

My favorite moment with Christian was really the day we spent in NYC together. We laughed and talked all day. It was... lovely.

My favorite moment with Ryann was when we were driving home one day. I just reached over and patted her knee and she looked at me and said, "I love you too, Mom." It amazed me that at the ripe old age of 9, she knew that my little pat meant love. She's a neat soul.

Emerson. We were hanging out the other night and my ipod was playing "Shake Your Bootie" by K.C. and Sunshine Band and she was dancing and giggling.. I was too. It was just a neat moment. Brian was giggling at us from the other room.

I could see Christian being a writer/actor/director. Ryann a designer. And Emerson loves stethoscopes so a doctor. lol

Ahh, my FB page. I wanted to create it but was afraid. I shared with my teacher and she said YES, do it and do it now. So, I did. LOL.
So, I stepped out of my comfort zone and did it.

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