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March 15th, 2013, 08:14 AM
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I think I weighed 120 when I was 11 I'm careful about what I say about weight, my #2 struggles with how she looks, she's always had a really big build. She's learning to embrace it though, now that she's older AND started playing rugby. I weigh the same as before kids (160) I took a few ideas from my no sugar no carb friend and it helped me get rid of those last few pounds (15 years later lol)

I'm not always good at making the kids do stuff in the kitchen, but last night I had 2 haircuts to do at 5 so I told the older 2 they were in charge of supper. I told them what to make and they did it. Then I had to go play volleyball (with #2) so I told #1,3 and 4 to clean up the kitchen. It was SO nice to come home to a clean kitchen.

Only 1 kid at school today, and it's my domestication day....I'll get started as soon as I'm done all my coffee.
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