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March 15th, 2013, 08:15 AM
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Originally Posted by LDRW View Post
If you could have a "perfect" day, what would it look like?
Would you move and live somewhere else?
Has being 40yo changed your perspective on things?

I suppose I wouldn't choose a perfect day. They are all perfect for me just as they are now. Not that my life is everything I want (ego) but it is what it intended for me and there is a wealth of learning, discovery and surprise in days that do not go according to plan! I love the surprise of moments that are unplanned.

I would love to move south. To live in warmer weather.

Being 40. It provided the oomph I needed to really look at my life and myself and think, I want this go differently from here on out. It has empowered me.

Originally Posted by Lady Lotus View Post
More questions for tomorrow...

One wish to be granted...what would it be?
Choose a new color for the sunset...what would it be and why?
One wish granted. I wish for my kids totake the gifts they have been given and use them to their highest purpose. I'd actually wish that for us all.

I might include the color blue that only occurs in sunrise in the sunset and just because it immediately connects me to the knowledge that all of life is truly a miracle.

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