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March 15th, 2013, 08:25 AM
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my in laws are coming to town at the end of this month and i really, really dont want to go off my eating plan...when they're here...we always eat HORRIBLY. i dont mean i eat meat or anything, but we eat a lot of take out and lots and lots of cakes and cookies and such.
so..i would like some ideas on meatless dishes that might please a serious meat eater (his dad). his mother will eat anything i cook..tho sometimes she picks out some of the veggies she doesn't like just like a kid any suggestions can be vegetarian or vegan.
also, any vegan dessert/cookie recipes that are moist and delicious so they'll think they're eating high fat sugary treats, but it's really good for them!

(meredith, i've lost 4.6lbs already!!)
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