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March 15th, 2013, 08:44 AM
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Originally Posted by Lady Valkyrie View Post
I know Thursday has passed but I am loving all the neat questions about your gift. You are one talented and inspirational lady, Terri. And your insights are always true. Xxx.

More questions for question Friday:
- Do you have a favourite archangel?
- Do you have a favourite crystal?
- Do you have a favourite spiritual book and author?
- How many spiritual books do you own?
- What else do you like to read?
- Do you have a notebook to note down impressions as they come to you when you're tapped in?
- Have you ever inadvertently tapped into spirit at a really awkward time? What did you do?

Here is your little mini-reading from me (anyone else who reads or draws oracle cards is most welcome to read Terri or give her a message as well).
I am drawn to my Michael cards for you, since Michael is always around you.


A prayer for you: "Thank you for walking with me every step of the way, for holding my hand, giving me confidence and courage, and guiding my thoughts and actions in the direction of love and my true life's purpose."

I feel this is confirmation that you are absolutely on the right path, and your gifts are going to go from strength to strength - also that there's another gift you're on the verge of discovering, and creative activities may help you to uncover it. Making time for contemplation in nature and in the outdoors will also help keep you "in flow" and open to your gifts. I feel you will receive a message for someone here quite out of the blue in the next few weeks which will bring great comfort and joy. You are an awesome force, Terri. Michael has more in store for you but for now just leaves you with his smile, his love and the protection of his magnificent wings around you. Xxx.
You know that I love Archangel Michael like no other. Although, Gabriel is up there for me as well.

I don't use crystals much at this point. But, I have to say the kyanite Ashley sent me (along with the others) are well-loved by me.

I read a lot of Wayne Dyer. A lot.

On my nook, I have 31 spiritual books and two in hard copy at home.

I like reading most anything except Horror/Thrillers. I love the classics and modern fiction!

I journal every single day. It's a part of my daily practice.

I tapped into spirit quite by accident during a disagreement with a friend. I read the thoughts behind the words. She was not thinking nice thoughts about me at all. Since it was not my information to know, I let her feel and think what she wanted to. She was quite angry with me over a spiritual belief of mine and reacted in such an unexpected way. I just let it be.

I also tapped in during a conversation with a casual acquaintance about a week ago, I began channeling her grandmother and had to stop myself and ask, who is this? I also had to stop, tell her about my gift, explain what was happening and ask if I could share the information. Luckily, she was open to it and was very gracious in receving the message. She is the first person I have ever read face to face.

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