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March 15th, 2013, 11:22 AM
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I wasn't mad at that, I was mostly confused by her. I talked about parts of the reproductive process that she said she had no clue about. I just wonder how she has the job. I've met nurses that didn't know your cervix turns blue in the beginning. It's weird how little some of them know, and they are taking care of me.

The thing I did get mad about was my OB wanted the diabetes test at 8 weeks because I was overweight. I found out from the lab that EVERYONE from her gets it at 8 weeks. Skinny, fat, normal, doesn't matter! I would have accepted, "I like my patients to have an early test." I'm mad that she felt the need to make me test by mentioning my weight. If she would have asked, I could tell her I have a history of low blood sugar. I accepted the test cause that drink makes me feel awesome. It was the one hour of relief I had last pregnancy. That offended me.

The lady with the papers was just a bit ignorant of things, and she was young--early 20's. One day she'll learn, and she'll be so embarrassed. lol She's just a kid still. Probably in jr high when I was popping out my first baby.
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