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March 15th, 2013, 01:26 PM
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I never had any BH or other contrax with DD (before I was induced) so I don't know if what I've been feeling could be them. I'm generally uncomfortable all over; my ribs hurt, my back aches, my hips ache, and I feel crampy in my back and uterus. I have had some hardening/tightening in my belly, lasting about a minute or two, but not really painful, just uncomfortable. I'm sure I'm nowhere near properly hydrated, as I spent 3 hours at the hospital this morning waiting on DD in "surgery" and haven't had alot to drink today, especially water. And I'm going on about 5, maybe 6 hours of sleep total. Anyway, I'm working on hydrating but not able to really rest at the moment. Any advice or thoughts for me?

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