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March 15th, 2013, 01:49 PM
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I can't copy paste on my phone so I'll just try to reply.
1. 20 weeks 3 days! Halfway there!
2. I'm feeling allright. Sometimes I feel awesome, but sometimes I still feel very pregnant. My biggest issue right now is that if I stand in one place for about 5 minutes, i pass out. I am frequently dizzy too. Really annoying! I also still get a little bit of morning sickness, though not as bad as before. Taking my prenatal pills is a mental struggle because it makes me nauseous right away. Water does the same, which is not good with the hot weather approaching. Also, I've been having lots of back pain, especially after walking around for a while. Even with all that said, I usually feel pretty great in the middle of the day and I'm enjoying being pregnant. I've been feeling little kicks which make it all worthwhile!

3. It's a boy!!
4. I haven't prepped much yet. Trying to just stay in good shape physically. I would like to take a refresher childbirth class but my hospital doesn't offer them so we'll see. I am also planning a natural birth hopefully.
5.. we are really stuck! Boy names are hard. We have discussed Logan Michael and Michael Kenneth. I'm not totally sold on either yet.
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