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March 15th, 2013, 02:39 PM
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Well at the time I was in the country illegially. I'd come down in April, I should have been gone within 6m. We were waiting on our marriage certificate to arrive so we could file for immigration. We didn't want to give them any ideas to go calling immigration on me. Not that much would have happened at that point... 6m not able to come back in the country I think.... but we weren't willing to risk it. DH's cousin kept trying to tell me that they weren't smart enough for that... but turns out when they found out we were married, they did wonder if they could somehow get me deported.

They are still thinking that we are going to divorce, and L and M will divorce, and L and Woody will get back together and move back down there. Both of them call the area "The soggy butthole", they hate it there. Plus L's family moved away, she's got nothing but a few friends and ex inlaws down there... why on earth would she want to go back?

DH's family like is about as opposite as mine ever could be. He and I have one like my parents (only we fight less lol). It would have eaten at my dad that he couldn't come visit me on a regular basis (drug charges, couldn't get a pardon to cross the border), his parents are only upset they don't see Reme. FIL won't let MIL come up if we have a baby, cause her place is there taking care of him. My dad would never have fathomed telling my mother what she could and could not do (except a tattoo... he was pretty firm on that way). They were a pair. He worked, she cared for his, when he was home, he cooked, cleaned helped out. Both my inlaws work (all their kids are grown up) but my MIL and SIL take care of the house... the thought my FIL would even so much do a load of dishes is laughable. He will repair a step, or make a mess outside... but inside is "woman's work." I'm so glad that DH isn't quite that sexist...he has his moments.

But DH doesn't have the same sense of family that I do. I pick up the phone and call home, he wouldn't fathom doing that. I have ALL of them on FB, he has.. I think just his cousin Teri... maybe BIL I'm not sure. (I have both.. and L's BFF so she can see Reme's pics lol). I think it's important to go down and see them once a year... but it drives me that they won't come up here. They've argued back that my family doesn't come see me either. My family would LOVE to come and see me, but passports, expensive flights, hotels.... for what it would cost just my grandmother to come see me, both SIL's, BIL, all 3 neices, MIL and FIL could come up here for a week. Despite what they think, there is a HUGE difference in the two cases... and on top of it I've only been home ONCE in 2 years, we've been down there 4x+. In what we've spent going down there, I could have flown home twice.

But my family is really important to me. And even if I can't stand them, it's important to me. I picked up yarn yesterday to make a blanket for the baby, I have to do a test pattern for a website I follow (a 20 sided Dice.. my husband is really excited for me to make it. lol) and then I'll start it. It's what I do.. make blankets. It wont fix anything, but it will make me feel better.
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