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March 15th, 2013, 03:25 PM
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Woohoo, today I am at 100 days so tomorrow I will be in double digits only. I know I am further down the due date list at the end of June so I am so exited to see that number on my ticker today.

I really hope baby cooks at least 80 more of those days but right now we are shooting for a first goal of 30 weeks and crossing all we can cross for 32 weeks or over. I hate the Procardia. It just makes me feel terrible and while I am "lucky" to be able to be at home resting during this yuck period, it is really awful. I keep scouring other boards and moms who say after a few days they got used to it but it has been a week and I still get flushed, massive headache and start sweating everywhere!!! I see the doctor again Tuesday and hoping he will lower dosage or maybe we can try something else. I just can't imagine taking this for months and feeling like this.

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