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March 15th, 2013, 04:32 PM
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I had an appointment Monday and Tuesday *may be long*

I have not really known how to write it out or wanted to for feeling crappy about myself but I wanted to share the experience I had...

~Before the appointment talk~ As most of you know I am a bigger girl, I stared pregnancy at 250 I am 5'3.. I have gone up to 260 but have stayed mostly in the 257 range this whole pregnancy.. Well from the first time I have gone into the place I go for my OB/MW appointments (separate from the hospital) I had seen two different MW's before I found the one I have now.. the two before were VERRRYYYY rude about my weight... The WHOLE first appointment (back when I was like 8 weeks) was about how my weight would affect the baby.. I really didn't like how she treated me... so I tried a new one... same with that women.... FINALLY my LAST straw I found one I LOVE this OB is AMAZING she has not been rude or kept on and on about my weight and she actually goes over my blood work unlike the other two..

That being said the hospital I go to has a cut off for BMI because they don't feel comfortable with someone over a certain BMI in the case they would need to do a C-section... which means If I was to surpass said BMI i would have to go to a different hospital... my FIRST MW I saw said I would have to get to 275 to have my BMI go to far... stressful much? No I never dieted or ate less because of this. I just ate better.

Anyway Onto Appointment #1 Monday... As apart of being bigger and the hospitals requirements for bigger pregos I had to see an Anesthesiologist not sure why really, my appointment was at 12:30 I got there for 12:15 they took me to that floor... I went in the Nurse weighed me which I had not expected (I usually wear light things to get a true weight size not me+clothes) I had worn my boots jeans leggings under my jeans, belly band, two tanktops, my sweater and a sweatshirt LOL I was 263... the nurse did my blood pressure, asked me TONS of questions, do you smoke, drink ect (no lol) she did my heartbeat with the stethoscope 5 different areas around my chest to my back... then left to get the Anesthesiologist... He came in... asked the SAME questions the nurse did which she already wrote down... and checked my heartbeat JUST like she did.. he asked me if i was going to have a C- Section... I said ummm not that I know of! (he didn't even really know why I was there in the first place) well once he looked over my paper work, he told me about how they didn't know if I was going to have my baby there due to my weight... he said to be at the BMI cut off I would have to be 255... HUH? didnt make sense since I was "262" *excess clothing weight lol* he was a bit rude about my weight ... well after all that talk he ordered a EKG *had never had one before* and blood work... they never told me why or what for... Well the nurse came in gave me a gown to put on said " you can keep your bra on" well I had never seen or done an EKG so I took all my clothes off except for my bra... she came in and goes WELL YOU COULDA KEPT YOUR PANTS ON... I told her how she said I can keep my bra on so it confused me... so I asked if I could put my pants on before the EKG she said yes so i waited while she messed with the EKG machine.. she then goes "you can put your pants on I am messing with this" now I am not one to show my body off... which usually nurses and such leave for a few min to let you do your thing... it was weird trying to put my pants on with her RIGHT there... so after thats all done I get sent to do blood work for idk what... that sucked they had to prick me 3 times to get some blood lol I was pretty down about myself I mean you go through this whole thing thinking WOW I thought I was doing good with my weight gain! anyway finally got out of there at 2... was VERY upset when I talked to my mom about being so in limbo not knowing where the HECK I was going to have my little lady...they honestly treated me like a monster because of my weight...

Next Day Appointment with OB... I went into my appointment ready to tell my OB I was going to end up going somewhere else I was done with this limbo stuff I felt I was treated VERRRYY poorly I AM NOT THAT BIG! I of course started crying my eyes out she was pretty upset on how they treated me... she told me I have been doing GREAT with my weight gain (oh she weighed me and I was 257, that's why I wear thinner clothes for weigh ins, true weight) she said I have NOTHING to worry about! she said my blood pressure is great, no GD, i have gained about 7 lbs this pregnancy, my BMI is yes close but not close enough to worry about it... she said I WILL BE HAVING MY BABY THERE as LONG as I still feel comfortable (after what happened) I told her how I did NOT like the fact they ordered blood work on me without her knowing or me knowing what reasoning.. she said she would get the why and the results... she told me to write a letter about how discriminating they were to me... she said that is NOT ok for them to be treating me badly nor there place. I have NEVER felt so crappy about myself... I felt better after talking to her, I felt human again not like a fat lard. Needless to say my first appointment SUCKED

I have an ultrasound the 26th to see the size of little girl and check up on her.. also that same day I get the group B strep thing and to check cervix and to see if I am dilated any.. I also scheduled the rest of my appointments out.

Anyway I had to vent this after a few days of calming down and feeling better, please no comments about my weight I don't like sharing my weight I have gone through H*LL and back with my weight.

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