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March 15th, 2013, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by rosiewells View Post
This is really embarrassing because I didn't know the protocol! Well, the day after I gave birth some lady came in to pick up the paperwork for my daughters birth certificate. I asked when I would be getting her birth certificate, she explained to me that I would not be receiving it right away, and that I would have to pay $23 to the vital statistic people (I think that is who it was) and it would come in the mail. At the time my husband and Mother in law were out buying some stuff for the baby, and I was all alone. I starting freaking out, saying things like "What do you mean I can't have her birth certificate now?" "I have to pay, pay who?" She explained it to me again, and I just started welling up with tears, then I told her to leave. I had no idea that I had to wait, let alone pay for her birth certificate. I am fairly embarrassed about it now, but at the time I thought it was so terrible, I felt like they were keeping things (My babys things) from me or something. When my husband and my mother in law returned, my MIL reassured me that is standard procedure, then I felt better. I am blaming that incident on hormones for sure! Other than that, my doctor and nurse were amazing. Really great birthing experience (Thanks to the epidural)!
Most hospitals I know of provide what's called the Mother's Copy birth certificate (free of charge). It's strange (to me) that yours doesn't.

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