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March 15th, 2013, 06:10 PM
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Originally Posted by ~AmazedByYou~ View Post
You needed to see anesthesia because people who fall into the obese and morbidly obese category (no offense.. it's a technical numbers thing) are EXTREMELY difficult to get epidurals and spinals into. ESPECIALLY if they're short because you can't curl the way you need to in order to allow them access to the epidural spaces. So they like anesthesia to be aware of what they're dealing with and honestly anesthesia can say you're not a candidate. Being your weight and height absolutely DOES put you and baby at higher risk for lots of things. I understand you're uncomfortable with your body (I've been there) but the not wanting to undress around nurses/etc thing is going to have to go out the window when you're pushing and stuff. Modesty kind of has to go out the window. They're doing all these tests and interviews and bloodwork and assessments (listening to your heart/lungs) because you're at a higher risk for a csection and it may end up if they think they can't get in a spinal/epidural that they will need to put you under general anesthesia so they need to know baseline lung function, and blood levels, and cardiac status. The nurse AND anesthesia both listened because they need to make their own assessments and judgement calls. They shouldn't have disrespected you but to much of society.. weight is an aesthetics and visual thing and to the medical world it is much much more important than that. Example: Obese and morbidly obese women have more fat and tissue over their lungs and when laid down, they can literally have suffocation issues. Your pre-pregnancy BMI was 44.3. That is a red flag to doctors and nurses. Like I said.. they shouldn't have been rude or disrespectful but the information they're telling you is 200% the truth and they're doing it for your safety and the safety of the baby. Also, your doctor is full of ***** if she told you she doesn't know why they did it all. SHE had to have it ordered.
I do agree on seeing one but they didn't check anything they were supposed to (My throat/ spine) as my OB told me they would, it's more the fact that they all keep telling me different things, It's hard to explain HOW they said things, not what they were saying but how. I know being bigger has more problems but when my first MW sat there and would NOT stop talking about anything else (two of them) the whole time instead of anything else it does get rather redundant because I knew it was not that good and they gave me a packet of what could potentially go wrong and they told me it all more than once. My first MW said I should not gain any weight at all. It could be my hormones that made me feel like crap but they were pretty rude about everything. In all honesty my OB did not know anything about those tests, he ordered them he even said he did she was stunned and NOT happy about that, my regular doctor didn't either as I had changed and never even seen my regular doctor yet.

I am sure I am over reacting, I was fine with being sent there for that reason and I was fine with all the stuff they were doing but to be rude like they were was not right I would rather them tell me whats up but all of them giving me different info sucks and not knowing if you will have your baby at the place you have seen and known and checked out sucks that's why If being in limbo I was just going to go to a different place make it easier on everyone... but my OB said I have nothing to worry about as far as where I will have her.

Hopefully after Lilly is a few months old I can go back in and get my Lapband re clamped and get that going again but the RIGHT way this time and work with it and have it work with me... I do NOT ever want to get down to 80lbs again.

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