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March 15th, 2013, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Number5OnTheWay View Post
I've never had an amnio and refused one. They did a Level 3 ultrasound on me and repeatedly offered the amnio. We opted for the blood test (test for 3 trisomies - down's syndrome being one of them) simply for peace of mind. We weren't sure if our insurance would cover it, but in the end we thought it was a small price to pay. As it turned out, our insurance did pay for it. If you really feel strongly about NOT having an amnio (as we did), then you need to voice that. After the Level 3 ultrasound and before having the blood test, the doctor also offered that we could have the amnio later (at 32 or 34 weeks, if we chose) so that we would be dealing with only a pre-term birth if something happened, and the risks would be much, much less, according to him. After getting the blood test results, we decided on no further testing.

Can I ask what the blood test results were ?

I do feel strongly that amnio isn't best, BUT then I don't want to be grilled by the drs. kwim? My OB is very nice and doesn't push it. However the other specialist does. I don't know if the baby has any life threatening issues, all I know is the neck is 6mm, and he/she could have downs. Nothing else yet. I am being scheduled for a detailed ultrasound, I guess a level 2 as they put it here, where they check on the fetal heart with a echo machine to.
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