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March 15th, 2013, 09:39 PM
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So I posted about how I has been having pain tenderness and contractions.
I talked to mw again and based on my symptoms it looks like it could be appendicitis or a bowl obstruction.
(I have been constipated since I got pregnant and can count the times I have had bms... Its bad.
So I am to eat prunes take a supplement etc.and if my symptoms don't improve or get worse I need to head to the hospital for an ultrasound.. If its appendicitis that's immediate surgery... Bowl obstruction probably a colonic. I've never thought I would say this but I hope its the obstruction cause I do not want to have abdominal surgery while pregnant!!!
I will update the second I know anything.. Please pray!

I did a 5k this morning and the whole time had stabbing pain. So midwife sent me to the E.R. I am here now
They are doing blood work to rule out appendicitis. Midwife is convinced its a fecal impaction cause the sure fire things (glycerin suppository) among other things that make you go did nothing And its bad.. I will update when I know more
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