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March 16th, 2013, 07:28 AM
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I never saw that person, but he or she was the recipient of my ire when I opened the cover to my breakfast plate, having ordered a cinnamon bun, to discover in the unmistakable dreariness of a bran muffin. I then noticed a little card placed on my tray with a pre-printed apology for substituting one of my items.

Who substitutes a bran muffin for a cinnamon bun?! I mean, come on, at least give me the bagel instead.

(My real error was having any faith in hospital dining after my order of a poached egg arrived the first morning: a sad yolk with a small trail of egg white looking like a gouged eyeball on a full-size dinner plate. Aside from aesthetics and lack of cooking skill, what kind of protein and energy exactly was I supposed to extract from a single tiny egg yolk, the morning after I'd just performed an 18-hour laboring marathon?!)
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