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March 16th, 2013, 08:53 AM
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If it was to be in movies???? Hell to the no. I'm sorry but that whole industry is about chewing up and spitting out naive dreamers. I have relatives with ties to show biz in that area and I would definitely actively prevent my child from becoming a child actor. They can do plenty as an adult.

For athletic endeavors, I would be shocked if that ever came up, because we are not a family that focuses on athletics and in my experience most of the highly competitive sports need to be started very young, which we simply wouldn't be doing. For one thing, there's no real venues for it around here. We are not an area known for good sports opportunities except maybe surfing. And ultimate frisbee?? Haha.

Now one thing that is a bit more plausible, since I had showed a lot of promise as a child myself, is academic advancement. My parents decided against allowing me to skip multiple grades and work at my intellectual grade level, I didn't even find out how high my test scores were until I was older. I was chronically bored and frustrated. But I think in these days, with all the home school opportunities and online courseware like Khan Academy, I would just home school my kid and let them go as far as they could. They could even take classes at the local university and still live at home. It would affect their social life, yes, but I would choose that for myself if I could do it again. Many subjects like higher math and theoretical physics have the biggest breakthroughs made by very young prodigies who go to Princeton at age 15 or something, and their best creative achievements are generally over well before age 30. I would probably let my kid go away to college early too, as long as there was some arrangement set up for their emotional support and I thought they had the life skills. I doubt I would uproot the whole family for it though.

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