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March 16th, 2013, 09:03 AM
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I had a similar situation with academic advancement, too, which my parents ended up supporting later (high school) but didn't in elementary school (which probably would have been better for me) so I hear you there.

I grew up moving around a lot, and DH and I like moving. So far, so do our kids, not that we move a lot now that we have them. We do want our next move to be our last (unless something comes up) but we like moving, travelling, road trips, that sort of thing, which must play into our willingness to move for sure events.

We're also all independently employed and work from home, which makes moving no big deal for us. I can do my job anywhere, and DH can telecommute and travel every month or so for a weekend if necessary.

My only concern is that if it's at an older age, the kids may have made friends. But then I have to weight that--one kid sacrificing a time sensitive life dream versus the other kids making new friends. I wouldn't want any resentment to come up from either side.

One thing I couldn't do is send my kid away. I have heard of people letting their kid live with relative or "host families" so they can pursue their dreams, but I guess that's where I draw my line. If we did something like this, we'd do it as a family. Family sticks together and support one another. sometimes that means sacrifice. Some family's choose to sacrifice a dream, some choose to sacrifice a job or a home or the support system they are used to. If it comes to it, I would try to look at what can be rebuilt and what can't and base my decision on that.
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