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March 16th, 2013, 09:19 AM
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We have been doing part-time Elimination Communication with M since she was 5-6 months old. However she has been in a very long phase where she shows very little interest in pottying, we are lucky to get one or two pee catches and never get poop catches anymore. I have been talking to her a lot about how she doesn't have to wear diapers if she uses the potty every time she has to go, and how comfortable underwear are to wear instead, and how you stay cleaner that way, that's how mommy and daddy and nonny do it, etc. She seems to think that's an interesting theory with no practical importance for her own life but she is not even 2 so I'm not pushing it yet. I know at preschool they have a system of pottying and she will see the other kids doing it and that might help a lot. My current plan is just to not buy her any more cloth diapers. When she outgrows her current stash or they wear out (it has been over a year for most of these diapers) she will not get any new ones and we will just start underwear. I believe in some child led potty learning and many toddlers self train, but I am not going to wait around forever for it. I think clear expectations and some structure (visit the potty every 30-60 minutes, special books or songs for potty time) go a long way esp for younger toddlers. I don't believe in praise/rewards/bribes or punishment for potty learning though, I hope I won't have to do stickers or candy, that would be a last resort. I want it to just be something she will learn is better for her own comfort and does for herself, not to please me or earn rewards. We also have wood floors so I can do plenty of naked butt time in the beginning if needed

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