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March 16th, 2013, 10:02 AM
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Do you have pens by your phone? Sort of, they are on a shelf in the kitchen so I know where they are and there is a phone on the wall under that shelf. It's just not the phone I use most often.
Do you have paper by your phone? I have a pad of sticky notes with my pens the rest of the pads have magnetic backs and are stuck to the fridge or microwave
What colour pen do you prefer to write with? Blue
Do you buy pens or collect them from random places? I don't seem to get many from random places and I'm a bit of a pen snob as far as what kind I like to write with so I buy my pens
Do you prefer a pen or pencil? Pen
What sort of things do you write at home? Grocery lists, notes to school, appts and such on the calender, to do lists

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