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March 16th, 2013, 11:28 AM
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Hope you're having a great weekend and not worrying too much about your appt on Tuesday. I'll be thinking of you. I have a dentist appt that day so it'll give me something to think of other than the tools in my mouth, heh. But seriously I've heard of so many who fail the 1 hour only to pass the 3 hour with flying colors. (hugs)

We're having a pretty lazy weekend as usual. DH is covering for someone so he's kinda cranky and sleep deprived. I figured I'll make his favorite dinner, and some cookies, to see if that helps his mood. The boys go back to school Monday, and as bad as it sounds I'm so ready. It wouldn't be so bad if the weather could decide to stay nice, but we only really had two days they could play outside and whatnot.

Other than that we went shopping yesterday and bought some plain white onesies and dye, and the boys and I are going to tie-dye some onesies tomorrow. When I was pregnant with my youngest, I let my oldest paint onesies, which was fun but he was barely three so it was kind of a mess. I figured this should go a little bit better *crosses fingers*
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