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March 16th, 2013, 03:13 PM
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Just wanted to say that I know how you feel to some degree with the first part. Our eldest was diagnosed with PPD-NOS at 22 months. The diagnosed then became Aspergers. Truth is that they will never "grow out of it." It is a lifelong disability. (How I hate that word disability as I do not think of our child that way. He has so many abilities). That said they can make huge improvements to the extent that the majority of people just find them quirky. I am a proponent of ABA therapy. We did it all. Speech, OT, PT, etc. We had a therapist with him 30 hours per week.

As for Medicaid - do not be ashamed. My husband and I each have professional jobs. We pay lots for health insurance. However, it excludes the therapy our son needs. Therefore, he has Medicaid as a backup. It was hard for me to accept at first. Then you learn to do what you need to for your child. In reality, through taking the Medicaid we saved the taxpayers loads of money. By using it, our child obtained the care he needed from age 2-5. He then was able to attend school without any special accomodations. He is top in his class. One day instead of being disabled he will have a good job and pay taxes. His job is likely to be as an engineer (those with kids with Asperger will understand ). My husband and I work full time and pay plenty of taxes. Yes we leaned on the system as a gap to get him what he needed. However, the payoff is extraordinary.

It is a lot of work. When the therapist was done with what she did (hours per day), we picked up on the rest. It was likely 24 hour therapy. Everything had a purpose. Making cookies with hands in the dough to get over tactile avoidance, running cars though shaving cream, reading to encourage proper talking, classification games to understand relationship, gym class to help with coordination. The good part is that I could do it with him - so we were having quality time together. Life is different from that with "normal" children.

And yes - an extra little wine here and there after the kids go to bed is sometimes needed.

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