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March 16th, 2013, 03:18 PM
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Dh felt bad that I was being left alone for almost 2 months, so when I found her on craigslist, even though she wasn't free and was almost a full tank of gas's drive away he told me to get her if I could!

So meet miss Nola!

She isn't all black, she has white/tanish colored spots on her chin, chest, belly, paws and the tip of her tail. I'm interested to see her color changes over the next few months... We chose to name her Nola because we were married in New Orleans (which is known as NOLA) and we couldn't agree on any of the other thanks I liked (Raeya, Hali, Cree, Quinn....). She's part Siamese, which is why her eyes are that pretty color. Her mom was Siamese and her dad is a medium hair pure black cat.

My mom was like "you got a black cat? aren't they bad luck?" I don't really believe in that sort of thing, and she's been wonderful for me... definitely good practice for one day being a mom... Everything from bottles (they told me she was weaned, she wasn't quite so she got a few bottles) to wiping butts (she's so small there's always a chance she'll not squat high enough).
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