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March 16th, 2013, 03:46 PM
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I agree we are able to move where most aren't. finding new jobs isn't always a possibility for those who have their careers. And some want to stay where they are (if I felt that way, I'd still be okay to move temporarily and then move back, but that's because what my daughter wants to do is time sensitive. It'll still probably never come up though lol). I also don't look at it as "hitting the big time" in a sport as much as having a really big dream come true--one that could also ensure their financial stability for life. I wish the same could still be said for education these days, and maybe one day it can, so we of course care a great deal about education too. You at least have a better shot with one than without. I went to school for psychology, though, and here I am a writer LOL

Also, you can have success at something without becoming an alcoholic, and you can be an alcoholic without having success. you can be foolish with money whether you get a cash break at some point or not. And you can appreciate your family whether or not your have financial security or not. I personally see those things as separate. I can see how having that experience though would taint your view. Financial security obviously does play a role in happiness for a lot of people--that is why so many of them WOULDN'T leave behind their jobs to move for something their kids want to do. As someone who achieved one of my goals, I can tell you my happiness in doing so does NOT come from "fame" (I would say I have none, just a small "fan" base and I end up becoming friends with them so I don't think that counts) or "fortune" (we're still middle to upper-middle class, just like we are before. Me selling books has only made us pay more in taxes, and current we make very little more per year. It puts us in an awkward bracket where we actually pay like $8000 more a year to cover the measly $10,00 I made the first year). BUT we're happy. I'm happy because I have my family and health and ALSO because a big dream of mine came true. I'd love my kids to have that, if I can give it to them, because it gave me something inside that is hard to describe, that I was never able to get anywhere else.

Your other grandfather sounds like he was able to pursue something special to him, too. Gardening. Having a dream come true isn't always about fame or fortune. For many, it's simply about their dream coming true.

I agree that knowing what to be happy is important. I think there is a difference between striving for achievement and making the most out of your life though--dying without regrets. I think there's something to be said for having passion and for fighting for what you believe in. I think there's something to be said for loving your family, but having other interests, too, and for being willing to sacrifice for those you love and for it to not really feel like a sacrifice because you love them so much and are just so happy for them that you forget it wasn't easy. I LOVE easy, don't get me wrong, it's why I do a lot of things the way they do. But I guess for me, it'd be easy to try something harder if it meant one of my kids' dreams could come true. As for how they might react to possible "fame" or "fortune" -- I would hope that along the way, all the PARENTING I did would have prepared them to be good people and make good choices regardless or whether or not their dreams had come true.
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