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March 16th, 2013, 04:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Jenilope View Post
I have had 2 amnios with the same baby at 35 and 36 weeks. I developed severe cholestasis during her pregnancy and they wanted to induce as soon as they could because she was at risk for still birth, so they were checking for lunch maturity and she was induced at 37 weeks. She was big and healthy. I had the same condition with dd3, but it developed a little later in the pregnancy so I didn't do the amnio and just induced at 37 weeks.
They told me the risk of amnio at 35/36 week tests was early delivery, which we were going to do anyway, so I agreed to the test with her to know what we would be dealing with at delivery because I normally deliver at a very small hospital and if it looked like she would not be ready I would have rather delivered at a larger hospital better equipped to help her a few towns over.

The NT test is notorious for false positives. Often, when the fold comes back thick, they follow up with a blood test of HCG and AFP levels to better assess the risk, but that is still not a great measure, and they factor your age into the matrix when they are assessing risk levels and since you are in the 35+ category your risk will come back higher.
I had the harmony test done with this baby, but my insurance covered it so I only had to pay $25, and I'm 32. Since you're in the 35+ category and your NT shows you might be at risk, if you want more definitive answers I suggest calling your insurance company and asking if they would cover the Harmony test. If they won't, perhaps they would cover some level 2 ultrasounds as the pregnancy progresses.
If you don't want an amnio--especially an early amnio that carries a risk of miscarriage-- say no. And if you feel like the specialists are bullying you, get MAD! They're not supposed to do that! Tell your OB how you feel.

Good luck, I hope everything is ok and that you get some answers or peace about the situation soon--whether or not you choose to do the amnio.
There must be a reason why I keep pushing this off, it must mean no. I certainly don't want to loose this baby. Im sorry you had to endure it at such a late stage, but guess good that its only early delivery. Ugh this is such a big thing and I personally don't know

Originally Posted by Number5OnTheWay View Post
To start with, where I have my OB stuff done, a Level 2 ultrasound is done at 20 weeks. At mine, they showed a thickened nuchal fold between 6 & 7 mm. When I had the Level 3 ultrasound done 1 week later, the measurements were between 5.5 & 5.75 mm. The specialist told me that they had lowered the threshhold several years ago from 6 to 5, but that has also led to a lot of false positives. They were able to visualize a nasal bone, the heart and brain looked fine, the femur length was good. He really believed it was a false positive and backed our decision not to have an amnio, but wanted us to have the option, should we change our minds later.

I had the Harmony blood test done that was supposed to be back in 7-10 days. Mine took 2 weeks to come back, and it was kind of agonizing waiting. I wasn't even going to do the blood test, but my hubby talked me into it, and I'm glad we did. With the thickened nuchal fold and my age, they had said my chances were 1/24. Once I got the blood tests back, my chances were lowered to 1/10,000 for all 3 trisomies. That has allowed me to not stress so much because those 5 days between getting the call about the thickened nuchal fold and the actual specialist appointment, I was a wreck!!!
My NT was 6mm at 12 weeks 4 days. I wonder if it will go down by 20 weeks? I just wish that they didn't give me options for amnio. I know the earlier the better for certain things but a big needle going inside, ya no thanks. I want to ask my dr my ob on Wednesday if he feels its a false positive to. I was told there is a 1 in 5 chance, 20 % chance the baby has something wrong. to me that leaves room for error greatly so it makes me better but I would not mind it to be even lower than that. I got the cal March 5, then I got told march 12 the numbers and here I sit. Ugh. I want to get my 20 week scan done which is a detailed one that will do the fetal heart echo to. I just feel this baby is ok. Regardless I will love the baby, I got pregnant NOT KNOWING anything would go wrong and already inlove with the baby so that wont change no matter what, but the drs are ruining this experience for me greatly.
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