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March 16th, 2013, 05:04 PM
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I had my ob appointment yesterday and the doctor let me know that the perinatologist noted the head size was a bit small for gestational age. The head size was in the 10th percentile while other body parts were closer to 27%.the doctor said these measurements weren't enough to really worry about. Some people just have smaller heads... but of course I am now panicking. Google is never a good tool in these instances and I read all about microcephaly and severe mental retardation.the chances of this are still very, very low, but of course it's all I can think about now. We will be doing a follow-up ultrasound at 28 weeks to take a closer look but that means I have almost 8 weeks to wait and wonder!
Has anyone experienced anything similar with positive results? I've read all the horror stories but I'd love to hear some positive outcomes.
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