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March 16th, 2013, 05:54 PM
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Yay for sleeping Caroline!!! Cam slept in his crib last night from 1am-5am...without waking up!!!! Amazing! And tonight, I was putting him to sleep in our bed and he kept stirring and not settling. So I nursed him and laid him in his crib...2 min later he was out!!!! I hope this continues! Its been like a light switch this week...he's been doing so well!

More snow here too! Not a blizzard, but some flurries. Hope spring comes to you soon! Since it started so late, it seems like its going on forever! Calving is probably so interesting! My uncle has a farm, but he has horses and llamas, no cows

Tomorrow is DH's birthday, and for the first time, Cam said ''Da da'' today...DH is taking it as his birthday present Cam was just making noises, but still, it was cute!
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