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March 16th, 2013, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by plastikmom View Post
Courtney, I hate the way you were treated. Unfortunately some health care providers can be clinically good, but completely lack bed side manner. I was horrified when she told you that you could have left your pants on for the EKG. Obviously SHE knew that, but YOU didn't. Then she should have given you privacy to dress. Common courtesy after she failed to properly instruct you on what to take off and what to leave on. Of course you will have to relax on the modestly thing during delivery, but you were not there to show off your parts, you were there for a pre-op appt. and it sounds like it was never appropriately explained to you what you were there for. The anesthesiologist should have explained the risks to you and explained what he was testing for. The anesthesiologist may very well order tests specific to your care that your OB did not know about. (Although I would think there would be standards for this and your OB should have had an idea what they were looking for, my guess is electrolytes since this is important prior to general anesthesia) He should have looked at your airway if he thought you were a higher C-section risk. He should have evaluated your spine and told you if there were specific concerns about a spinal/epidural. (I have seen spinals placed in people over 300lbs, is it a challenge, yep. Does it happen, yes all the time). I have also seen C-sections performed on people much larger then you. Do the doctors moan and complain because their job is harder? Yes they do and it seems to me like obesity is one of the last predjudices that people find acceptable. Is it riskier, yes. If there anything you can do about it now. No. (Other then the great job you have done being careful with your pregnancy weight gain) People who have never struggled with their weight have no idea of how hard it is or how bad it feels to be treated like a fat clinical specimen. I'm so sorry you had a bad experience and these people did not treat you like a person who deserved to be informed and treated with compassion.
What I was getting at is that anesthesia doesn't just take it on themselves to order a preop. It has to be ordered by the OB. So her doctor clearly knew why she was there, and her doctor knows **** well what routine tests are done at a preop. To say she had no idea about any of it is lying. And getting a spinal in an overweight person has more to do with weight height ratio rather than just weight.

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