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March 16th, 2013, 07:47 PM
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That sounds pretty awful. I get some flack about my weight (non pregnant flucuates between 200 and 220, and I'm 5'2") but here is the thing: I am a lifeguard who is constantly swimming for my job (I can swim 600m in about 12.5 minutes) and I teach water aerobics, which is jumping around on a 30 degree celsius pool deck for 45 min several times a week. I have PCOS and have really large muscles like a guy (most of my male friends are jealous of my 16 inch biceps which do not have any fat to pinch when I flex, even though I hate them). The bulging muscle lines on my arms and legs are obvious, and it's also obvious that I have these big muscular shoulders. But petite little female doctors, who will probably never weigh more than 130lbs even after menopause, give me flack about numbers on the scale without seeming to LOOK at me. I am flexible, and can kick higher than my own head, as well as I can bend over while sitting and touch my forehead to my knees. My blood pressure is low, resting heart rate is low, cholesterol is low, in other words, I am healthy (other than the PCOS.) I just have big muscles (and huge boobs) which add a lot of weight. My body fat percentage is actually in the low/athletic range...I just carry more fat because my body wants to balance out the extra muscle and not be at 10% body fat. Everyone's situation is different and everyone deserves to be treated with respect.
I was 242 when I went into labour with my first, and no one said anything about me having trouble with an epidural, and I didn't go through what you went through. Weird.
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