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March 16th, 2013, 09:24 PM
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I just had a very funny, slightly annoying evening. DH and I went to a dinner/auction at his church. I thought it would be a pretty quiet, laid back event. It was anything but. Why, you ask? Well, because there was TONS of beer and wine. I don't drink anymore, and it sucks to be the sober person in a room full of other people drinking.

My grandma also happened to be at this event. DH brought her a glass of wine, and after she drank it, she said to me, "I wonder how many glasses of wine I can have before I'm over the legal limit to drive home?" She's 88. *lol* I was like, "One glass is probably plenty, Gram." Then she was like, "I wonder if this will react with my medication?" I was like, "If you have to ask that, you probably shouldn't be drinking." *lol* Still, she was pretty tipsy after one glass and she had her arm around the man next to her all night, who by the way, she had never met before! I took her wine glass away. *lol*

DH also had about 8 beers and one glass of wine, so he was overly chipper and getting pretty annoying. Needless to say, I drove home. When we got home, he kept insisting he wasn't drunk while he ate 2 doughnuts. Then he went up and got in the guest bed (not realizing what room he was in) and requested another doughnut in bed. So I took a picture of him eating it in the guest bed to show him tomorrow that, yes, he was indeed drunk. *lol*

The auction items all went for really high prices, so we didn't get anything. I think the reason they provided the alcohol was to get people tipsy enough to bid high. It worked. So it was a great fundraiser for the church, which I'm glad for them about. But I'm exhausted from trying to make sure neither my husband not grandmother did anything stupid. *lol*
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