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March 16th, 2013, 10:39 PM
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I had begun posting a little over a month ago and then had some significant personal issues! DH and I were supposed to start TTC last month but my grandma passed away. I am really devastated because even though she was 84, she was so sharp witted and happy. She told me at my bridal shower how excited she was to one day come to my baby shower and I'm really sad that she won't get to meet our baby.

Well, long story short, we had some legal and family issues around the time my grandma passed. DH and I had several fights and in that turmoil decided we could not TTC due to legal/ family problems. (It's a really long story, but essentially he is in the process of taking over the family business and certain family members are making that really difficult.) so, last month it seemed as though our financial, housing, and job situations were all *really* up in the air!

BUT WAIT! (I'm trying to make my long rambling post as riveting as possible, LOL)

Our lawyer called and it seems our legal and job situations will likely be going in the directions that we originally thought they would! Peace restored to our marriage and our lives! Miracle of miracles, I cried for days out of sheer joy.

We also picked two names... One boy and one girl that will be for my grandma. So she will be a part of our baby's life regardless.

Sooooo... We honeymoon in Nashville, TN the 3-10 of April and then.... TTC begins!

The wait is killing me. I have terrible baby fever right now and I'm like, come on honey, lets just play Russian roulette with this and see what happens! But, he wants to wait till we come back from Nashville.

So, that's my story and it looks like I'll be hanging out here quite a bit!
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