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March 16th, 2013, 11:56 PM
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My husband is too involved of a father not to be able to feed his son in the middle of the night. We have a very interesting relationship where sterotypical gender roles don't apply. We work together as a team on everything, from raising our 12 year old, to our 8 week old. I attempted to pump and have BM on hand for him, but I was getting less and less milk each time I pumped and couldnt produce enough from pumping. So I nurse when ever hes hungry, but I still go out and have Mother Daughter time, grocery shop, or sleep in and if he is hungry in that time my husband give him a bottle. It frees us both up. At first I felt bad, but I've decided that its better for our son that we are stress free about it, That hes getting a majority of BM, and thats better than some kids. And that formula isnt poison, there are a great many kids who are raised on formula alone. Once I accepted that, I was a happy mommy spending quality time with a happy baby.
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