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March 17th, 2013, 12:49 AM
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I used to be a host on WTTC a while ago! My name is Ashley and DH is Ronnie. We have been married for almost 5 years! Our first son will be 3 in May. His name is Ethan. Our second son is Jett and he just turned a year old in January. I thought I was DONE, but i think about a third WAY to much. It almost consumes my mind. I still would love a little girl, but my boys are so awesome that a third would be great too! Our tentative TTC date is Jan next year. My boys are 20 months apart and it was planned and I love it, but I think 3 that close in age would be hard. So im aiming for a 2.5 year ago gap instead IF we do decide to try for that third. I worry about money and know we prob cant afford a third but I dont want to regret not doing it! I am!
Love My House Of Boys!
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