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March 17th, 2013, 07:23 AM
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Lemon pies are great! this is what they look like:

What was your dream about? I have had this dream twice now. In the first dream, the baby was healthy, but I was worried i'd be in trouble for having the baby at home for some reason. In the second dream, it was scarier. I started bleeding and then my husband was going to take me to the hospital but then we realized I already had the baby (weird, right? most dreams are). I don't remember if the baby was healthy or not. In that dream, I never saw the baby. I don't remember thinking the baby died, just worried (again) I'd be trouble for having the baby at home and going so long without telling anyone. I do remember in the second dream the baby was early because I was sad I had her before I was fully "showing".

I LOVE cereal but I noticed recently that everything I have cereal with milk in it (the way I like my cereal) i get a little bit of "morning" sickness. so I've been avoiding it, grudgingly.

I love slow cooker meals! I can't eat cereal (though I love it) because every time I do the milk in it gives me morning sickness. I eat oatmeal for breakfast and my husband grills steak or chicken for dinner with rice and veggies. Last night though we had stir fry rice, veggies, and shrimp that I made from on of those frozen dinner packs. Lunch is usually unhealthy, like a whole can of spagettios with meatballs, my current ongoing craving I also love clementines, but so do my kids, and they keep eating them all within a day when I buy them.

I LOVE Popeyes and now I want that. Great I need to get my 20 picture done and loaded, too

I will take pictures of my diaper stash when it gets here. There's SO much I want. Tons of cute diaper covers, embellished prefolds, a few pocket diapers, I'm gonna get some bamboo terry flats and use the softbums system a little, too. I originally wanted a simple stash, but it's gotten more complicated and expensive the longer I wait to get my money LOL.

When do you tour the hospital you are delivering at?
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