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March 17th, 2013, 07:53 AM
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I try to attend as many of Aidan's "special" days at school as I can, but not all of them. I volunteered to chaperone their Fall field trip and took the day off for that. But, I did not go in for either their Halloween or Valentine's Day "party", which I'm actually kinda regeretting. Whatever the next one is, I'll be going. I do think it's important to be involved in his school experience, which is why I've joined the parent council and now leading up their volunteer coordination initiative. I want to be sure the administration and teachers know who I am, which makes Aidan less likely to just be another faceless kid in the system.

As for the dinner guest, my vote is for weird as well. I don't think the fact that he has a female friend is odd, my DH has some female work friends and I have male work friends, no biggie. I do find it odd that he'd know her well enough to invite her for dinner yet never mentioned her before. I would bet he does know her better than he's saying (as you sensed), but who knows what the motivation for the dinner invite is, could be smoke screen or could be a legitimate friendly gesture. I agree with your thought to keep an eye on the situation. I vaguely recall you posting something similar to this before, maybe a year or two ago about a female friend of his that was raising inner alarms for you, I don't recall the details. I assume this is a different person, and if so, I'd start to worry a bit about pattern here. Hopefully it's all on the up and up though! Did you question him at all about it? Not interrogation style, just conversation about who she is and why he hadn't mentioned her before?

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