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March 17th, 2013, 10:42 AM
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I am getting a bit annoyed at my son's Sunday School teacher. He's been complaining the past few weeks that she's always harping on him to turn the pages of the Bible from the top corner (he turns from the side). I don't know if he's accidentally ripping them when he turns them, or what, but when I watch him turn the pages from the corner, he rips them. IDK what is going on, but honestly, we haven't been to church in a few years, he doesn't want to be there and she's lucky he's remembering to bring the darn thing at all. In addition, today she took his Bible away and said that it's the church's. It's identical to the church's Bibles because it was given to him by the church and it has his name in it!!! He didn't tell me until we'd already left, but I turned back around and we marched right back in there and got it. I'll have to say something to her next week I guess. :/ Maybe we can make a cover for it out of a paper bag.
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