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March 17th, 2013, 12:39 PM
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I would say don't do it. I was pushed into a csection that was not needed or wanted, and for almost a week after I could barely move. My incision didn't hurt...what happens, according to the doctor, is that with open abdominal surgery you can get these air bubbles inside of you. The move around and irritate muscle fibres, but the pain happens at the other end of the muscle. So I would have pain in my arms, shoulders, and back, and it would be excruciating if I was still for an hour or more (so obviously getting up in the morning was awful.) I can't even describe what the pain felt like except that it took me over 15 minutes of agony to SLITHER, not "get up" out of bed every time my daughter needed to be fed. If my husband hadn't been home I wouldn't have managed. And I do mean I had to slither to the floor in the most undignified way and then pry myself back up again. And that was only the worst of several awful problems I had resulting from the csection.

Of course, not everyone is as "lucky" as me. My mom had 3 csections with no complications and as far as she's concerned, they're wonderful. Just wanted to weigh in.
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