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March 17th, 2013, 12:50 PM
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My husband loves cherry pie I like the lemon ones, apple is my second favorite. I'm sooo in the mood for apple pie, too HAHA.

I do think deep down we know the gender of our babies, but with every pregnancy I tell myself it's a boy so I wouldn't be disappointed. Not that that works Though I love my boys now. I think part of me wanted my youngest to be a boy, which is weird (for me) but I was still a little sad. Deep down I think I knew it was a girl this time but I wouldn't admit it to anyone because I feared being wrong.

your dream last night was weird, but thankfully not horrific! You're gonna be a great mom And no, doesn't sound crazy to me about the real dreams at all.

How did you find out you were lactose intolerant? I wonder sometimes if I have mild food allergies. I try not eating certain foods, and then I feel better, but I can't manage to stay away from those foods... I have heard that about soy so in our house when we weren't using regular milk we used almond milk.

I think a lot of classes are useless. A lot we already learn from reading online. I had to take an early pregnancy class this pregnancy, and 99% I knew. I did learn 1 new thing--I forget what it was already though lol.

I'm feeling okay most days. TERRIBLE pain/sciatic never pain in my back on the right side, though. And right now I have heartburn. No idea why. I hope your dizziness subsides, too.

Our puppy came home from training yesterday and chewed through my eyeglasses. they are completely ruined now, even the lenses I have to go monday to get new ones. I have so much to do but get nothing done. I feel like I sit around doing nothing all the time. Laziness I wish I was more motivated. Then there are other things I need to do that i need my husband to do things first so I can get those things done. I think I need to make a list of things I need to do and make it a point to do 2-3 of those things a day. Lists motivate me for some reason LOL

How often are you feeling baby move now? Have you been able to see the movements yet? Enjoy it. I always stop what I'm doing when it starts. I can never get enough of it, and this will be the last time I'll feel it.
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