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March 17th, 2013, 01:17 PM
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DH and I have been talking for almost a week about getting some baby chicks. Since we live in a rural community where we can have chickens in our yard and can't have indoor pets and don't really want outdoor cats or dogs, we thought that chickens would be a nice alternative... We have to keep them inside as chicks to make sure they stay warm and are eating/drinking, but then when they get bigger, they will also provide us with eggs. Win-win! Plus our landlady LOVED the idea... she's probably going to get some too.

Yesterday, we went and got two little featherbabies -- Assorted Bantams.

Their temporary names are Stripey (weighing in at 17 ounces) and Yellow (a whopping 24 ounces!).

Night 1 was rocky to start... Stripey had a nasty case of pasty butt (her duct was clogged and we had to unclog it or it can cause severe illness -- even death). We cleaned her up and she's doing great! They're noisy, but cuddly and will attach to the first "big thing" that makes contact with them and adopt them as their mommy/daddy. It's definitely filling a need that we both had.

Next week, we'll start making plans to build a coop outside!
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