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March 17th, 2013, 01:29 PM
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Please, everyone who is scared...stop watching the videos of when things go wrong. You can literally scare yourself into things going wrong because the mind is such a powerful thing.

Get some dvds on natural birthing with midwives and watch them. There are so many women who deal with labour beautifully and naturally, it will make you cry because it seems so right and so wonderful. It obviously hurts, but watching women follow their animal instincts and deal with it in different ways (swaying, on hands and knees, rolling hips in circles, walking, etc) and then seeing the looks on their faces when their babies are laid on their's amazing. A few of THOSE types of videos and you won't be able to wait for labour. Help yourself form a positive and powerful image of what labour will be like.

I'm struggling with this right now because the birth of my first child was a whole host of unnecessary interventions, and I'm having to work through the fear that it will be the same this time around. I'm trying to replace my awful memories with visions of what birth can and should be when it is respected. We can all do this!
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