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March 17th, 2013, 01:35 PM
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So DH and I have been NTNP for a while now. From time to time he does withdraw. AF is due today and no sign of her yet. The weird thing is that we didn't really have the opportunity to BD much this cycle d/t a home project that DH was working on. I know we Dtd one time during the time I was o'ing but hubby withdrew that night. Last night and this morning my bbs have been hurting (full feeling) and my nips are at attention! CM is kinda lotion like and seems a tinge yellow, no odor though. I highly doubt it means anything and I am just grasping at straws always, but I would definitely not be disappointed if I was pg. I know it would take a miracle, but I wonder what the chances are?
I guess only time will tell... Might just have to run out this evening and pick up a test to curb my curiosity! I'll keep u posted.
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