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March 17th, 2013, 01:41 PM
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You have the right to refuse, no matter what. Even if they are telling you your baby is in danger, you still have the right to refuse. A lot of doctors use the "baby is in danger" thing when the baby is actually fine -- a baby's heart rate is supposed to dip during contractions, and labour is supposed to take more than a couple of hours, whether the OB wants to get home early or not!
No one is allowed to do anything medical to you without your consent unless you have been deemed incompetent to make your own decisions by a court order and someone else is making those decisions for you (or unless you are unconsious, and then next of kin makes the decisions, if available.)
I would say you should educate yourself on the kinds of things that can go wrong, and if other methods should be tried before jumping straight to a csection -- like if the cord is around the neck, they should try fixing it with their hands before giving you major surgery! Find out how low a fetal heart rate is to ACTUALLY be considered "in distress" and keep an eye on that monitor yourself!

Good luck!
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