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March 17th, 2013, 01:57 PM
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That's interesting that is your main benefit, since we didn't EC and still never had to introduce what the potty was for LOL My kids could tell from coming to the bathroom with me And we don't do potty bribes, either. I feel like the reward should be a dry butt and that bribing, even though it's positive, is a bit of a pressure in itself.

What were some of the other benefits for you? To me, it just sounds stressful, and I suppose if it is stressful for ME then it's probably not a good idea for ME to do it That said, I want to try something different this time. Not quite EC, but just putting them on a potty at a young age as part of their daily routine, like sitting on the potty after they wake up from sleep or a nap. Just to kind of get them used to the idea from a young age that sitting on a potty is just something you do and that everyone does it.

I couldn't do full on EC, but that is just because I tried it in the past and saw no benefits and it stressed me out. I take it to mean it just wasn't right for us. Other people tried it, aren't stressed by it at all (or think it's fun!), and have great benefits from it. I think they should do that.

My ex-mother-in-law with her daughter did something that had her baby potty learned by 1 year old, amazingly, but I forget what it was. I remember thinking it sounded a lot like EC, but it wasn't EC. She's from out of country and this method is apparently popular there because they can't afford diapers. Whatever it was, it definitely worked for her even though it didn't sound right for us. Good thing people have options though. Imagine having to do something that wasn't working?
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