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March 17th, 2013, 02:55 PM
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S.o. & I are newly trying! This whole thing just sends my mind in a whirl! Lol. I really don't know where to begin! I have been pregnant before but we weren't trying at that time. Sadly, both of those pregnancies ended in loses & both were in 2011. We haven't tried since but are ready now. I know AF generally comes exactly on the 20th of each month! That's about all I have to go by! She's due here in a couple days & whereas if I were to be pregnant we would be ecstatic but realistically I am expecting her to be here! So I am using this time to prepare for things I can do in this coming month! I don't really want to get to overly obsessed with this & cost us tons of money because we are on a budget!
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