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March 17th, 2013, 02:58 PM
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We don't have a dresser for either kid, I remember looking briefly when pregnant with DD and having the exact same reaction, high prices and poor quality! I was worried about babyproofing the room for a toddler later - dressers are notorious because of the weight of the drawers when they are pulled out. And with hearing lots of BTDT moms saying they barely used a changing table anyway and just threw a waterproof pad on the bed or couch, I figured I could do without that too. So I did. We have a set of 2x3 cubbies laid down the long way (so they are 2 cubes high) for diapers and blankets and burp rags and things we want out and easy to grab. In the closet we have hanging fabric shelves that hang off the rod, I think they are perfect because they are smaller than dresser drawers, so you can sort by size and style very nicely for the tiny baby clothing, and see everything at once. They use the closet space efficiently and we will easily fit M's and new baby's stuff in the same small closet, with big bins for outgrown and next-size stuff on the high shelf above the rod, for the baby (M is solidly in 2T and I hope she stays there awhile but the little babies grow sooooo fast!!!)

So anyway, YES you can go without it is possible, I do it and it works great for us!

We also don't have a crib, never had one for M, she went from the Arm's Reach cosleeper to a floor bed and we plan to do the same with this baby.

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