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March 17th, 2013, 03:08 PM
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Welcome!! I am Brittainy, I have been wanting baby number 2 for 5 years, but only TTC for 2 months.

If your cycles are pretty regular, you probably can assume that you Ovulate regularly. If your period is usually on the 20th, you probably ovulate close to the 6th of the month. With the first day of your period being considered Cycle Day 1, Baby dancing every other day starting on CD 10 through CD 20 should give you plenty of chance to catch your egg... In your case I would start around the 1st of the month, through the 10th of the month. You are most likely to get pregnant from Baby Dancing the 2 days before Ovulation and the day of.

The simplest tool to use and help you on your journey, is a BBT thermometer. It will cost between $10-20. First thing in the morning before you do anything, you insert the thermometer (either orally or vaginally which is more accurate). Write the number down or log it online on a site such as Fertility Friend. The thermometer will tell you for certain if you Ovulated each month and will tell you when you ovulated, but it can only tell you after ovulation. If you use this tool consistently you will be able to better predict when you will ovulate and focus your baby dancing. For good measure anytime your temp dips is also a good time to baby dance.

If you want to know before hand you can purchase OPK's. Amazon sells a 50 pack pretty cheap. You start testing a few days before you think you will ovulate, and you will typically ovulate within 12-48 hours after you get a positive test. However a positive test doesn't mean you will ovulate, only that your body got ready to... So anytime there is a positive, Baby dance for a few days.

There are other ways to know when you ovulate, you can track your cervical mucus.

Here's the best info I can give you on that:

So good luck and welcome, and please come back and talk to us! This is a really great group of women who are very supportive.

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