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March 17th, 2013, 03:22 PM
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Hi Ladies!

My husband and I are considering IVF next year if we don't get pregnant this year. We have not yet had our IVF consultation...
I had a few questions maybe you ladies can answer for me...
My husband and i are 28 years old... IF we turn to IVF next year, we will be 29 years old. Our only fertility issue is my husband's low sperm count & low motility. All my tests, HCG's are normal.

1. Do they retrieve as many eggs as possible?
2. How many do they insert back into the uterus?
3. If it works the first time, and we still have some eggs left, can we save them for later use?
4. And if we have left over eggs that we want to use for later use, do we have to pay for IVF all over again?

I know we will have our IVF consultation later and the Dr. can answer these questions, but just thought i'd ask here too =)

Thank you!
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